Trumpeter F-106 Delta Dart

The old Monogram F-106 was the first kit box I ever cracked open. I remember finding it in the top of a closet at my grandparents; one of my dad’s old kits that didn’t manage to make the move out of the house with him. Being no more than 8 years old I butchered the kit, but my love for scale modeling was solidified, and my admiration for the Dart had become very real.

For years I’ve been waiting for a modern tooling of the F-106 in 1/48 scale, so when Trumpeter released theirs I was all over it.

The Kit: 1/48 Trumpeter F-106A


The Aftermarket:

  • Carcal Models (48060) Air National Guard F-106A/B Part 1
  • True Details F-106 “0-0” Ejection Seat (for the Monogram kit)
  • Mater Barrels Pitot Tube
  • Eduard Big Ed (EDUBIG49129)

The kit builds up rather nicely. I didn’t encounter any fit issues to speak of, and the resin ejection seat – though intended for the Monogram kit – fit without issue. It should be noted that there are some shape issues with the kit specifically around the intakes. This is one of those instances where you have to decide how much it bothers you. For me, it’s not too big a deal.

The Carcal decals were the first I’ve used from this company, and I will say they’ve quickly moved up my list of favorite decals. They are thin but strong. They are a pleasure to work with and didn’t take any real coaxing at all.

This model was featured on the cover of the January 2016 issue of Model Aircraft.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.56.30 AM