New Ware Masks

Recently the kind folks at Victory Models sent over an AMK Mig-31 for a review and build for Model Aircraft Magazine. You can read my review of the Foxhound here. Along with the kit, Victory asked if I would be so kind as to review a new masking product they are carrying by New Ware Masks. Since New Ware has made a masking set for the Mig-31 I was happy to oblige. Victory also set along a few other sets for me to look at, so here we go.

New Ware Masks Review -1

I received the following masks sets:

  • 1/48 AMK Mig-31 BM/BSM
  • 1/32 Fly Hawker Hurricane MkII
  • 1/32 Westland Wessex
  • 1/48 Hobby Boss A-7/A-6 Mk.82 Bombs with 2 stripes
  • Hasegawa F-16 Eggplane

In addition to these sets New Ware also currently makes several other sets which you can find listed on their website here.

Before receiving these samples I was not aware of New Ware, and I venture to guess they are a new(ish) comer to the hobby. However, they are a most welcome addition for us modelers who like to make things easy on ourselves.

Since I am embarking on building the Mig-31 I decided I’d go ahead and break out some parts and give these a whirl. After all, nothing is better than a hands on review which tests a product.

New Ware’s masks are laser cut onto sheets of kabuki style masking tape just like other sets we modelers are familiar with. The set for the AMK kit also has vinyl pieces which I will explain in a moment.

Canopy Masking

The set includes masking for both the canopy and other clear pieces across the airframe as well as masking for the kits wheels. This will be much appreciated when it’s time to deal with these parts.

New Ware Masks Review -5

Instructions are clear and easy to understand. They aren’t overly artistic consisting of simple line drawings, but how fancy do masking set instructions need to be? As long as they are clear and easy to understand – and these are – you should be golden.

I decided I would go ahead and mask up the main canopy pieces to test the fit and size. Thankfully New Ware has broken each section into quadrants. The benefit here is that you’re going to have more control over fit as sometimes single pieces don’t stretch over the whole piece quite enough. I’m happy to report these pieces fit perfectly. The kabuki tape sheet is nice and thin and easy to work with as well.

Earlier I mentioned vinyl pieces. These pieces are used to infill the areas not covered by tape. I’m not entirely sure why they choose to go vinyl here as it seems more kabuki would have been sufficient.

I decided not to place these yet. It’s going to be some time before I’m removing these masks so I’d rather not risk the damage that could prove possible with vinyl. I can’t say that this would even be a problem, but I have had vinyl masks from another company eat into plastic over an extended period (6 months or so). I will opt for the safe option, but that’s certainly no knock to New Ware.

New Ware Masks Review -6

This little test was enough to give me confidence in using and purchasing more of these masks sets. They’re not really a revolution in masking since we’ve seen other similar sets from various manufactures; however, I just finished building a kit where no masks were available from anyone, so New Ware is a welcome addition. Hopefully they will continue to increase their range and cover more hard to find subjects.

Other Masking Options

New Ware just isn’t supplying canopy masks sets. They’ve also released a couple of sets for weapons masking.

New Ware Masks Review -7

This set is meant to assist in painting stripes on bombs. Another very straight forward but very welcome set for any modeler who wants to forgo decals for the much better option of paint.


New Ware Masks Review -8

New Ware has even released four masking sets for eggplanes if you’re inclined to that kind of silliness. Again, the masks are traditional laser cut on kabuki style tape. These should make painting your eggplane builds a little less painless; and while I kid about building them it’s pretty cool to see someone taking them seriously enough to offer these options to modelers.


So what is there really to say about paint masks? Certainly they aren’t the most exciting subject, but they are an absolute necessity to me. I’m lazy, and usually strapped for time, so I’m very welcoming to any new masking solutions that can help me get my builds on the display shelf faster.

New Ware’s range of masks work as designed. They are well made with crisp laser cuts on high quality kabuki tape. The instructions are clear and concise making them easy to use. The best part is that the pieces fit what they are designed for.

I would like to thank Victory Models for the review samples. I encourage you to give New Ware a try if they make something for your next planned build, and of course you can order them from Victory Models. Let’s hope New Ware is around a while and brings us even more masking goodies.