Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B+ “Black Sheep Shooter”

Who doesn’t love  Harriers? I built the Hasegawa Marine Harrier for the July 2015 Model Aircraft Harrier issue. Little did I know this build would kick me squarely in the butt and out of WW2 prop mode right into modern jet mode.

The Kit: Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B+

The Aftermarket:

  • Aires resin cockpit
  • Superscale Decals (MS481248)

Build Retrospective:

Opening the box of this kit worried me a bit. Typical of Hasegawa the engineering is modular to allow for multiple variants. This can cause concerns with fit sometimes, so I was nervous. Thankfully, all the parts lined up well enough. The only area of concern proved to be some very minor cleanup on the top and forward fuselage piece at the forward join seam, but even this was minimal.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Aires cockpit piece fit even without cleaning the pour stubs. (I can’t believe I typed that). If all Aires cockpits fit so well I would never not use them.

The one gripe (common with all Hasegawa kits) was the lack of weapons. You get sidewinders, tanks, and targeting pods. However, the Harrier is a ground pounding bringer of pain, so you need more than this. I stole a Maverick from a Hobby Boss kit.

Find this build in the July issue of Model Aircraft

Click the above photo to purchase your copy!

Hasegawa AV8B+-24Hasegawa AV8b+-58Hasegawa AV8b+-65


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